cheerleaderYes!! I’m sure that today is going to be a very productive day.
All of us have already undergone the process of creating a blog. As you could experience, nothing too bad!
Today we will go about “furnishing” the new home for our ideas. We started already with changing the appearance of our blog. Remember that you can change the appearance of your blog as often as you wish, without loosing the post that you have already published.
In order to change the appearance of your blog, go to Appearance (Aspecto), Themes (Temas)

First of all we need to create the spaces in which we will work.
As you could see, the blog comes witH two pages: HOME and ABOUT
We are going to add a new one.
To add a new page, go to Pages (Páginas). And on the foldable menu, choose Create New (Crear nueva)
In the new screen that will be shown in the computer,
*Type the name for the new page under the heading Create Page.
*Write the text of the entry that will go in that page
* Clic on Publish (blue button on the right)

We are going to edit the name of the HOME page. In order to do it,
*Clic on the tab Pages, Edit.
All the existing pages will be listed and you will be able to choose the one you wish to edit. Simply clic the corresponding edit link and the page will be shown in edit mode.
Afterwards remember to update the changes.

As an exercise, change HOME by HOLA

You should follow the same procedure, but using the Post tab, in order to create a new post or modify an existing one. Remember always to publish if it is new or update the changes if it was already published.



To add an image to a post, first open the post in the edit mode.
Next, go to the editing box (where you write the text), and find the icon that resembles a tv set (it is over the format buttons, on top of the editing box) When you place the icon on it, you can read “Add an image”.
Clic on the button. In the next box that will be shown to you, clic on the option Add objects from my computer. You’ll be offered the option to select the file you want to use. (It is a similar process to uploading a file to the mail). Once chosen, clic on Abrir to return to the wordpress window. Choose the alignment you wish for your image and save the changes.


To publish an existing video published in a web site (youtube, for instance), the only thing you need to do is go to the website, and copy the web address that is shown in the navigation bar when you are visualizing that video. Afterwards, simply , clic on th icon for video (second on the Upload/ Insert bar), choose the option From URL and in the box provided for the web address, paste the web address of the video. Then, clic on Insert on Post and finally publish the post or page in which you are working (if it was a new post) or update the changes in case that the page/post was already published.

WordPress do not allow you to publish a video by directly uploading it to the gallery of objects. It is necessary to publish it in an external web site and then, publish the address.


Open the post in the editing mode.
Clic on the tab Enlaces (Links) of the left side menu.
Clic on New Link
Complete the form with name, web address and a brief description of the website.
Clic on the button Create Link on the right side of the screen.

The first step is to create the poll.
*Clic on Polls.
*Add/Create new
* Write the question in the space provided.
* Write the possible answers in the spaces provided at the bottom of the page.
(You can add more slots if you need them—Add more)
* Choose the appearance of the device for voting.
* Save the Poll.

Next, go back to the Post where you want to present your poll.
Clic on the circle icon. (the last one of the row Upload/Insert)
In the new window shown, select the poll you wish to use
Clic on the link Send to editor
Finally update the post or publish it as needed